Whether you’re a guy or a girl, having the right DIY tools at hand is essential to tackle a large number of home improvements and other projects. Many DIY enthusiasts have plenty of ideas and some may have a small selection of tools but for larger projects, you will need to find the right tool to get the job done properly. Hiring the tools you need is one of the most cost-effective ways to get the right tool for the job you’re planning. Depending on the project you’re about to start, there are a few tools that are versatile enough for just about any and every type of renovation project. Keep reading to find out which DIY tools for hire are worth considering for your upcoming venture.

Essential DIY Tools for the Do-It-Yourself People

Wondering which tool you will need to get started? Some of the most useful DIY tools for projects of all types include the following:


Spanners and wrenches are by far one of the most useful items to have around – whatever project you may be planning. You’ll need these to get an extra grip in order to turn nuts and bolts when putting things together. They are also used to keep things in place. Spanners come in a wide range of sizes that vary according to the size of the nuts or bolts your project is using.

Heat Guns

Heat guns are used for a number of purposes, from stripping paint to warming surfaces, reshaping plastic products, removing decal stickers or even waterproofing applications. If you are repainting old cupboards, you could use a heat gun designed for paint stripping to remove old paint before preparing, sanding and repainting, for example. There are many different types of heat guns that are designed for different projects. It’s best to do your homework in advance if you are not sure what type is best for your DIY project.

Spray Guns

Spray guns, on the other hand, distribute paint quickly and evenly in a short space of time. These are very useful for painting surfaces and furniture without the need for roller brushes or regular brushes. They are designed with a high-pressure system that sprays out paint across the surface, much like a can of spray paint. If you need to paint anything with minimal mess and fuss, this is a great tool to hire.

Bolt Cutters

As the name implies, bolt cutters are designed to cut through bolts and other heavy-duty metal. These can be very useful to cut through heavy chain, remove parts of metal, cut wire mesh, shorten metal rods and adjust any other heavy duty metal to required sizes. There are various sizes of bolt cutters available – it’s best to choose the size suited to the metal you need to cut.

Vacuum Cleaners

This may seem like a waste of money to hire if you already have one at home. For DIY projects involving metal, wood and other mess that you wouldn’t normally find in the home, an industrial type vacuum is a very good thing to have around after you have completed your project. You can hire a full vacuum and also hire individual parts as well.

These are just some of the useful tools that you may need for your project. Visit Need-A-Tool today to find a full range of DIY tools for hire in Durban and surrounds.