Why Tool and Equipment Hire?

In a rush? No problem, we’ve summarised the article for you:

  1. Renting construction equipment and tools is cheaper than buying
  2. You aren’t responsible for maintaining the equipment
  3. You’re using some of the best tools in the business
  4. It facilitates easier expansion and growth
  5. Renting tools and equipment reduces transport costs
  6. There’s no need to fork out for long-term storage
  7. You get solid industry support from your tool and equipment supplier

Any construction project would be difficult to complete without certain key tools and equipment. The drills that bore, grinders that grind. Scaffolding that support your teams several metres above the ground. To be effective, you need effective tools. Buying new is always an option, but here’s why you might want to consider tool and equipment hire instead:

1. Renting is Cheaper than Buying

Purchasing construction tools and equipment is not a cheap exercise; A true long-term investment if ever one. Unburden yourself from the overheads associated with owning your own tools and equipment by leasing them instead (for a fraction of the cost).

2. Zero Maintenance Required

One of the above-mentioned overheads attached to owning the equipment you use, is that the burden of maintenance falls primarily on you. A tool and equipment rental company looks after it’s equipment, renting out only the most effective tools for the job.

3. Use the Best in the Business

A tool supplier is only as good as the tools it supplies. Likewise, if you’re considering renting equipment instead, you’ll certainly want the tools to be of a certain standard. Whether it’s Bosch, Makita, Stihl or JLG you prefer – a tool rental company won’t disappoint.

4. Operate in More Areas

As a business grows, so does its geographical footprint. If you’re looking to branch out into areas further than your immediate surroundings, without having to haul gear for a hefty fee, source your rental equipment from the immediate surrounds of your site and become more agile.

5. Reduce Transport Costs

Branching your radius of operation out is difficult when owning equipment. You have to transport everything up to the far-flung site, and then there’s the soon to be discussed storage implications. Renting construction equipment in the area you’ll be working means all you’re transporting is your manpower.

6. No Need for Long-Term Storage

Having your own tools and equipment would mean that when undertaking projects far distances away from your head office, you’d need to store them for the duration of the work. When renting, and you have to cease operations for a period, the tool rental company will store the gear.

7. Solid Industry Support

While this more than likely comes standard with new equipment purchases, one value-adding service you can expect from a tool rental company is sound industry-related advice and support. No matter your requirements, they’ll have the right tool for the job.